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Learn all about American Maritime and its contributions.

The American Maritime Podcast engages the leading voices in American maritime to discuss the leading issues about domestic shipping, waterways, shipbuilding, the men and women who make it all work, and more. This podcast is made possible by the support of the American Maritime Partnership.

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The Team

Ku’uhaku Park

Ku’uhaku Park is President of the American Maritime Partnership and serves as SVP of government and community relations at the Matson Navigation Company. Park has extensive experience both in the maritime industry and the broader transportation sector.

Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter is Vice President of the American Maritime Partnership and also serves as president and CEO of the American Waterways Operators. Carpenter represents the America’s tugboat, towboat and barge Industry, which moves nearly 665 million tons of domestic cargo each year.

Sara Fuentes

Sara Fuentes serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the American Maritime Parntership as well as VP of Government Affairs at the Transportation Institute.