Warriors in their Own Words

Warriors in their Own Words

Remarkable stories of war told by the men who fought for a proud nation. Their words. Their voices. Our first episodes tell riveting stories from World War II, then we move on to the Vietnam War and other dramatic conflicts.

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2nd LT Loftis was a glider pilot during WW2, and participated in the D-Day invasion.

During WW2, glider planes were used to carry ground troops, and sometimes a jeep, into enemy territory. Regular planes dragged these gliders via a rope, which was cut over enemy territory at the release point. The glider kept flying, to hopefully find a clear landing zone behind enemy lines. Since the gliders were flimsy, designed for a single flight, and always sent into enemy territory, flying them was a notoriously dangerous job.

2nd Lieutenant Harry Loftis was one of these brave pilots. He flew many missions, and fought in the Normandy Invasion, Operation Market Garden, and Operation Plunder.

To learn more about glider pilots during World War Two, visit ww2gp.org.

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S/Sgt. Joe Longo: Combat Cameraman

Big Whig Media | S:2 E:72
Staff Sergeant Joe Longo served in the Army Air Force during WWII and the Korean War as a combat cameraman on bombing missions....
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Lt Col R.K. Montgomery: The St. Nazaire Raid

Big Whig Media | S:2 E:71
Lt Col Montgomery served in the British Military as a Commando in WWII, and led the demolition teams that destroyed the port in St. Nazaire....
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COL Gail S. Halvorsen: The Candy Bomber

Big Whig Media | E:70
After the end of WWII, COL Halvorsen dropped candy out of his bomber multiple times for the kids of Berlin to enjoy....
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MOMM3 Norman Jensen: Combat Cameraman in a Submarine Part II

Big Whig Media | S:2 E:69
MOMM3 Norman Jensen served on submarines as a combat cameraman during WW2....
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More About Warriors In Their Own Words and The HONOR Project

Warriors In Their Own Words brings to life the stories of those who have defended this nation. Using archival interviews going back to WWI, as well as current conversations about more recent conflicts, we hear remarkable accounts of service and sacrifice from those who lived them. These podcasts are a production of The HONOR Project: Heroes of Our Nation On Record.

Since 1991, award-winning documentarians Rob Kirk, Rob Lihani and Donna Lusitana have been recording and archiving the remarkable and very personal stories of veterans from World War I through modern conflicts. To provide an ongoing structure for the preservation of these stories, recounted by those who lived them, Kirk, Lihani and Lusitana joined with digital media pioneer, Marc Honorof, to create The HONOR Project.

“We are in the business of reporting history,” said Kirk, “Right now, these incredibly candid stories from a passing generation are what America wants to hear. We didn’t just sit these men down with a list of questions and ask them to reel off facts. We let them speak from the heart and captured all the emotion of their experiences.”

"By wrapping contextual narration around these astonishing stories and adding high quality production values,” said Lihani, “we have produced podcasts which are not only educational, but fascinating as well, along the lines of Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, or HBO’s Band of Brothers. Many of these veterans are no longer with us, so their accounts need to be remembered and archived. There simply is no substitute for listening to these men tell us their own experiences, in their own words and voices."

If you enjoy hearing these stories directly from those who lived them, please give us a 5-star review on iTunes or wherever you found us. Thank you.

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