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Bonus: Adam Frankel on Writing for Obama

| S:1 E:5.5

“The words themselves are not the hard part. It's being able to empathize, to connect that is the most important part of being a speechwriter, and then the words themselves will just follow.” - Adam Frankel

In this bonus episode, Ken continues his conversation with Adam Frankel, talking about what it was like to write speeches for President Obama.

You can find the speech Ken and Adam discussed in this episode, Barack Obama's 2008 Iowa caucus victory speech, on C-SPAN.

Adam Frankel was a senior speechwriter for President Obama and is an advisor to Emerson Collective and Fenway Strategies. His memoir, The Survivors, is available on Amazon. You can learn more about Adam on his website,, and follow him on Twitter at @apfrankel.

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