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Joe Sestak: Individual Rights and the Common Good

| S:1 E:4

I think we need to remember that this great Constitution of ours that talks about individual rights, but also talks about the general welfare- those are the two great characteristics of our nation. Individual rights to be all you might be, but always aligned with the common good, the common effort.” - Admiral Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak, retired 3-star Admiral in the US Navy and former candidate for Democratic presidential nominee, talks about the similarities between the Navy and the campaign trail, about his daughter’s illness inspiring him to run for office, and about a pilot under his command who chose to defy his orders.

Joe Sestak is a politician and retired US Navy officer. He was the first president of FIRST Global, a nonprofit that promotes STEM education and careers in the developing world through robotics competitions. Joe was a Democratic candidate for president until he dropped out of the race earlier this month. Learn more about Joe on his website, Follow him on Twitter at @JoeSestak and on Facebook.

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